My name is Sam Freund.

I have a large array of interests. It's safe to say “Jack of all Trades, Master of None” is a seemingly perfect phrase to describe me. I’ve spent a majority of my days here in Nebraska. My wonderful wife, and two dogs (Jack and Navi) have made the past few years better than I could have hoped.

Out of the skills I’ve acquired, some things stand out more than others. I undoubtedly love design. The differences between a simplistic design and a intricate design is something hard to put into words, but the thought alone encompasses so many possibilities. A passion for learning is a source of joy but is also my Kryptonite. I often become an obsessive researcher of a topic, that is until the next new topic comes along...

Anyways, thank you again for taking the time to visit this site, I’d love to hear from you. Feel free to reach out anytime!


this is a self-assement of my own abilities


Years in professional web development


Bachelor's Degree in Game Design


Years of experience in technology


Business Founded (All Washed Up Windows 2010)

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